Okinawa, Japan - Waste Wood to Electricity

The KDS Micronex™ is used to process wood waste into pellets for Electricity Production. The Okinawa plant utilizes three KDS machines and processes 20,000 tons per year of waste wood. Pellets are created from the fine, dry powder produced by the KDSs which are then used as a coal replacement by the Okinawa Electric Power Company.

See the plant in action: 

Malaysia - Palm Date Empty Fruit Bunches to Electricity

A major breakthrough in the Palm Oil Industry, is the effective disintegration of palm date empty fruit bunches (EFB) into as small as 1 mm fibre particles and drying to a moisture content of below 15 %. The resulting powder is pelletized and used for electricity production, offsetting the need for external power. Excess power is sold into the local grid.

Latvia - Algae to Fertilizer

Eco-Organic is a manufacturer of organic soil conditioners and fertilizers made from geological deposits originating from water plants and residues of animal origin in combination with fragments of higher plant tissue, pollen, sand, clay, peat and various trace minerals. The KDS equipment produces a clean dry powder from the moisture laden peat and algae, and greatly enhances the quality and production of the Latvian operation.

New York - Paper Mill Sludge to Fiber Clay Pellets, Dairy Farm Bedding, and other industrial materials

The KDS Micronex™ efficiently dries and grinds paper mill sludge to produce a variety of commercial end products, including dairy farm bedding, hydromulch, drilling mud, lost circulation materials, and fiber clay pellets.

Hong Kong - Wastewater Treatment

The KDS Micronex™ is being used to dry sludge from a municipal waste water treatment plant. The machine was selected because of its low-power consumption and low investment cost.

KDS Micronex™ dries, disinfects, and reduces material size while saving on energy costs, reduces emissions, and environmental effects. The system dries sludges from 60-80% moisture content to a dry powder with 10-20% moisture. More importantly, the resulting powder is nearly 100% pathogen free.

System advantages:

  • Energy Saving
  • Small total investment
  • Small footprint
  • High safety performance
  • Diversity in dry mud
  • Simplify flue gas treatment
  • Sterilize

  • Quebec - Hen Manure Processing to Fertilizer

    The KDS machine allows us to produce dry, nearly pathogen free hen manure fertilizer that meets our organic farmers needs. In addition to hen manure fertilizers, we are expanding to include chicken and turkey manures to fertiliser and also manufacture wood pellets for domestic use. Our factory, which can produce up to 20,000 tons of pellets per year, is exploiting the KDS Micronex™ and processing other raw materials such as bark and straw into pellets.

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    Mexico - Food Processing

    The clean technology process includes the use of the KDS Micronex™ to process corn maize (nixtamilization) to prepare foods like tortillas that are both more flavorful and nutritious.