White Papers

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Report - Pilot Testing of Micronex System to produce Class A Bio Solids PDF 1.80 MB View  |  Download
Paper Mill Sludge to Biomass Fuel PDF 2.87 MB View  |  Download
KDS Micronex: Dry Fuel Powder from wood and biomass PDF 675 KB View  |  Download
KDS Minerals Processing Brochure, 2nd Edition PDF 675 KB View  |  Download
FASC brochure of KDS Micronex PDF 384 KB View  |  Download
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Presentation & Video
Korean Project PPT 5,11 MB Download
Turning Waste into Resources MOV (video) 12,518 KB Download
Minerals Conference Presentation PPT 1,531 KB Download
KDS Slide Show Presentation PPT 1,571 KB Download
Scientific Papers
Advances in Biomass Integrated Size Reduction and Separation PDF 237 kB View  |  Download
Shearing Characteristics of Biomass for Size Reduction HTML 111 kB View  |  Download
KDS-Micronex Grinder-Dryer HTML 58 kB View  |  Download
Halliburton's use of Zeolite PDF 3326 kB View  |  Download
University of Toronto Paper PDF 478 kB View  |  Download
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PowerPoint Viewer - PPT EXE 2,789 KB Download
Adobe Acrobat Reader - PDF EXE 15,300 KB Download
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